10/13/2017 / By Tracey Watson

On April 26, 1986, a disastrous accident at the power station in Chernobyl, Ukraine led to the release of more

09/28/2016 / By fukushima

This time, those grant-fattened scientists are making people poor! Article by Local fisheries have begun a debris cleanup near

09/26/2016 / By fukushima

While the majority of tourists usually prefer to spend their vacations at upmarket resorts or snapping pictures of iconic landmarks,

09/21/2016 / By fukushima

Catastrophic nuclear accidents like Chernobyl disaster in the US that took place in 1986 and the more recent Japan’s Fukushima

09/19/2016 / By fukushima

Researchers at the University of Sussex, in England, and ETH Zurich, in Switzerland, have analysed more than 200 nuclear accidents,